We put all our love, time, experience and financial resources into achieving our mission. Every year, we take a critical look at how we can best use this input for our impact.

For the target group of children and young people, this currently includes our didactic offerings: analog and digital workshops in project units of three to six hours, as well as ZWEITZEUGEN-workshops and formats for project days as well as our first digital storytelling. We are constantly developing this output and reflecting on how many children and young people we reach and how well and sustainably we reach them. The evaluation of our activities is based on our impact goals. Because in the end, these are our contribution to an accepting, open and diverse society.

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“All the children were spellbound by the life story of this courageous woman and at the end of the day wrote letters to Mrs. Lehman, which will be sent to her by the ‘Zweitzeugen’. It was an unforgettably impressive day.”

Teacher from Cologne

Awards and letters against forgetting

Our approach and commitment has already been awarded 16 times. You can find out by whom and why here.

In addition, more than 5,000 letters have already been written by children and young people to survivors. What they write, why they underline our impact and how you can write a letter yourself you can read here.