Digital learning platform

Every young person should have the opportunity to become a Zweitzeug*in. With our digital learning platform "Become a Zweitzeug*in", you as a teacher can also contribute to this!


About the learning platform

The digital learning platform "Become a Zweitzeug*in" is free and accessible to all. Young people from the age of 12 can independently discover the multimedia life stories of Holocaust survivors Elisheva Lehmann, Henny Brenner, Erna de Vries and Rolf Abrahamsohn and deal with anti-Semitism in the past and today. Teachers can easily embed both the digital storytelling and the learning tool on anti-Semitism into their lessons and thus engage in ZWEITZEUGEN education - independently of a workshop with us.

To "Become a Zweitzeug*in"

Rolf's story is supplemented by impressive videos of his second witness Ruth-Anne.
The page interacts while reading the life story, e.g. scrolling with a before and after comparison of bombed Dresden.
Interactive elements in Henny's story provide additional historical or biographical background information.
The learning tool 'Anti-Semitism yesterday and today' educates with videos, gamification and historical classifications on the topic of anti-Semitism.