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Would you like to support our association and become part of our community? We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of our growing association!

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Supporting membership

As a supporting member, you support ZWEITZEUGEN e.V. financially with your membership fee. This enables you to

  • our daily educational work in schools and extracurricular institutions with children and young people
  • our exhibitions, interview preparation, interview magazines and didactic booklets
  • the development of projects such as "Zweitzeug*innen in Football" or the digitalization of life stories
  • our ongoing contact with contemporary witnesses and their relatives
  • our general association work
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Who can become a supporting member?

You can become a supporting member of ZWEITZEUGEN e.V. if you are an adult or a minor from the age of 9 and if you feel connected to the goals of the association, support the association financially and ideally and would like to contribute to the dissemination of its goals.

Underage sponsoring members

Minors can also become supporting members, i.e. children from the age of nine, provided they have the written consent of their legal guardians. The signature of the legal guardian on the form "Application for supporting membership" (internally: formerly "Become a member") is mandatory.

By signing the form, the parent or legal guardian agrees to pay the membership fee. However, there is of course the option to cancel. The obligation to pay contributions only applies to the period of membership. Notwithstanding this, termination is possible as with all other members.

What are the benefits of a supporting membership?

You will be invited to the general meeting where you can contribute to the content and ask us direct questions about our work. However, only full members have the right to vote (if you are a member and would like to become a full member, please contact us). For major issues and topics that are very important to us, we ask you as a supporting member for your opinion, e.g. via a survey. This was recently done, for example, when we set up our advisory board and when we decided to change our name. If you are interested, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter especially for members, in which we keep you up to date on the life of the association.

If you would like to volunteer with us at the same time, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Information on voluntary work

If you have been an active volunteer for a long time, you could convert your supporting membership into a full membership if you are interested. To find out how this works and what you get out of it, get in touch with us:

Membership fee

Supporting members of ZWEITZEUGEN e.V. pay a minimum fee. However, you are welcome to set a higher one. That would make us very happy!

The minimum annual contribution is